Education Team

Raising the Standards of Excellence
In the Field of Hypnotherapy Education and Credentialing

education_teamThe Global Hypnotherapy Advancement Foundation (GHAF) core values of integrity and dedication to serving humanity includes guiding, supporting and attracting opportunities to raise the bar of excellence in hypnotherapy awareness, education and credentialing to the public and professional community.

Because there are many brief and superficial courses and inferior hypnotherapy certifying organizations that will award misleading titles and certifications of completion to unsuspecting consumers, the GHAF advocates for national and international standards of excellence in hypnotherapy education and credentialing, including: academic requirements, scope and principles of practice, code of ethics, criteria for certification, post graduate studies and continuing education training.

  • To meet this objective your funding dollars will support:
  • Lectures at regional and national conference advocating for higher standards of excellence in education
  • Instructors to travel to campuses of schools, colleges and other learning settings to educate students and faculty on hypnotherapy and its benefits
  • Education grants to fund the travel and conference fees and expenses for candidates seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise in hypnotherapy practice
  • Poster showcase presentations to promote awareness at national medical conferences
  • Online workshops to advance awareness training

We appeal to educators and credentialing bodies across the nation and abroad to follow the lead of the GHAF. Strive to unite their mutual professional values and principles to advance the field of excellence in education and credentialing. The GHAF vows to continue doing its part to grow not only awareness of the hypnosis model and its benefit but the importance of adhering to the promotion of highly respected and professional qualifications, integration of advanced researched techniques and continued assessment of the progressive needs of the healing community.