Stress Team

Stress Recess & Relief SERVICES

Build enthusiasm for the work place and improve attitudes among coworkers!

Individual and Group Stress Recess and Relief in Corporate or Medical Setting:
For the employer who realizes their greatest asset is their human resources, the Recess and Relief program is designed by the Global Hypnotherapy Advancement Foundation (GHAF) for corporate or medical settings. It is a unique program that blends the powerful benefits of guided meditation and resting relaxation to release and relieve stress influenced by prolonged attention and service on the job. The combination of these techniques helps participants achieve a very deep level of relaxation, during which they are guided through a series of life-affirming suggestions and creative visualizations. Self-soothing benefits include replenished energy, improved mental clarity, healthy collaboration and improved habits. Individual and group sessions will be available.

Event Hypnosis Training for Training Meetings, Corporate Events or Conferences:
For planners who are looking to excite the imagination of their conference attendees, the GHAF offers an exciting alternative to typical conference offerings. Individual and group stress relief sessions and workshops help promote healthy and soothing self-care for attendees. Employers recognize their staff take on more than they should as caregivers and service providers. Hypnotherapy and self relaxation techniques are the gifts that keep on giving.

  • Plan relaxation events for employees in stress filled jobs.
  • Create a different type of employee appreciation event.
  • Promote a community health care event
  • Teach employees how to reduce stress at home and at work
  • Enhance team work and instill the notion of collaboration